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Introducing our summer-romance cocktail list

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This is a work of Tinder-fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, loves, events, locales, loves-lost and incidents are either the products of our disturbed imagination or used in a spontaneous, fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely a coinkydink.

Hark, the new cocktail list is summer ready. Quenchable, crushable, enjoyed on its own or with others – we’ve delved deep into the beer-garden psyche and matched each libation to a hot date. It’s your lucky-dip, or go-to when you just don’t know what to drink.

Minted Tom – $17
Your summer crush, featuring Poor Toms Sydney Dry Gin, rhubarb, mint, lemon and Prosecco.

Pablo Escubac – $18
Tall, refreshing and not so mysterious – stirred Vodka, Sweetdram Escubac, cucumber, lime and soda.

Strawberry Kush – $17
What innocent polyamory tastes like. Multiple, yet considerate, nips of Calle 23 Blanco Tequila, Belsazar Rosé Vermouth, strawberry, parsley, lime and pepper.


Portia De Rosso –  $17
She makes more money than you. Campari, Port, raspberry, lemon topped with Strangelove Light Tonic.

Mr Miyagi – $19
All that’s missing is a Machu Picchu backdrop. Recipe includes, Plantation 3 Star Rum, Plantation Pineapple, Goslings 151 Over proof, pineapple, Dr Morse Tiki Spice Mix and fresh lime.

Rhonda from HR – $17
A sassy number in disguise. Rondó Aperitvio, Fino Sherry, Oscars 679 Extra Dry, grapefruit, lemon and soda.

Got something else in mind? Speak to your friendly matchmaker (read: bartender) about something classic, a la natural or what craft beer is pouring.