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Beer Garden Cinema presents: Dem Basterds

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Once upon a time in a basterd occupied bar…
Guests were invited to do three things, and three things only: eat, watch, kill. When you’re going to hell, it’s a good thing if the chef is a devil.

Le Gamaar presents: Dem Basterds

For one ephemeral night, step inside a Beer Garden Cinema experience that merges film and the senses.

Don your disguise and head to Le Gaamar Cinema (formerly Dr Morse) to try your hand at saving the world. Can you survive the saloon games? Your quest will be marred by custom cocktails and a Reuben sandwich menu by guest Chef Matt Wilkinson. Hurry, there are pickles to be eaten and basterds to slay.

• Clues: A rogue pickle, cigars, charades and Tarantino
• Dress code: 1940s, WWII, soldiers


^^Beer garden by Le Gaamar Cinema
^^Menu by the good looking basterd, Chef Matt Wilkinson
^^Bar by the Morse Brigade
^^Games by La Louisiane

Presale tickets via Eventbrite 
$35pp – Includes 1 x cocktail, Reuben sandwich, film and immersive beer garden experience
Limited tickets available on the door – $40pp

Dem Basterds
Thursday 30 August, 6pm
Dr Morse