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Fight the end to the weekend at Fists of Fury

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Sweet, salty, sour. Fists of Fury hits all the right notes. 

Ever the giver, Sundays are a ritual steeped in an endless pouch of rollies, quest for the next or recovery inside a pint of IPA. They’re the San Junipero for best friends and a ‘safe’ space for parents to eat and drink plenty in the name (and presence) or children. Don’t you dare remind us about work tomorrow. This sunshine is never going to fade.

Fists of Fury is a Sunday with the lot. To be specific, it’s a weekly event that Ura-zukis next-week’s reality and lets you have the last waltz with your freedom.

The kitchen cooks outside, busy in front of the BBQ, searing meats, plating grilled squid lightly glazed in abc sweet soy, surrounded by beguiling condiments, spiking charred vegetables with Thai seasoning.

Drinks are a choose-your-adventure. Big, bright or funky natural wines. Rotating craft beers – sours, weisse, gose, the ultimate IPA selection. Or seasonal cocktails and specials on the day, mixed with an aperitif, tequila or rum.

Plates are between $5-12 – so you can share with friends, or graze the lot. It might be a short menu but it knows what its doing. As for the music, we’ve left it to the experts to curate.

From now until the end of December, Houses in Motion, Smooth Rooms, Crown Ruler and Positively Positive are rotating with their picks.

Stay tuned for our January – February Fists of Fury lineup.


Fists of Fury
Every Sunday – BBQ and tunes from 2pm.