It's not goodbye, just takeaway.

Cheesies cooked to order on Friday, and a shop with all the good bits to take home. We're dishing up take home meals, cocktails and more over the next six weeks. Stay tuned for details.


274 Johnston Street, Abbotsford, Victoria 3067


PH: (03) 9416 1005

E: functions@drmorse.com.au


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Haus Specials in Autumn

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When we aren’t hosting a craft beer launch or experimenting with an exotic spirit, you can count on our weekly events and offers to treat your tongue and wallet. 

Tuesday – Saturday
BBQ dinner menu

The kitchen is cooking outside each evening in autumn. Plates are between $5-12 – so you can share with friends, or graze the lot. It might be a short menu but it knows what its doing. Seared meats, special rice, grilled squid lightly glazed in abc sweet soy, surrounded by beguiling condiments, spiking charred vegetables with Thai seasoning.

Treasure Island

Greet the incoming weekend with $10 Spritz and $5 tinnies all night, plus an expert soundtrack by the Beatbox crew. Best enjoyed with shared snacks.

Skydiver Fridays

It’s simple. We want you to finish work tout de suite, and treat you to weekly rotating cocktail specials and the best in vinyl from the Skydiver’s retail and private collection.

Fists of Fury of BBQ

A Sunday with the lot. To be specific, it’s a weekly event that Ura-zukis next-week’s reality and lets you have the last waltz with your freedom. Alongside the bbq spread are $10 Spritz and Gin ‘n Juice.

Stay up to date with our weekly beer garden events.