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5 boss noodle ads that will make you want to crush a bowl

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Unassuming, non-discriminatory, beloved by all – you might call the Pot Noodle the diety of the broth world. And while noodles are our jam – ramen, laksa and now everyone’s student-life favourite – Tuesday’s Pot Noodle Night is a cuisine you didn’t know you needed in your life.

The noodle knows no bounds. From secret family recipes, eating on the go, instant satisfaction wrapped up in “instant!” hyper-coloured packaging – pot noodles cross countries, cuisines and the most outstanding levels of advertising imagination. We picked our top 5 noodle ads so you didn’t have to.

5. Oishi (Phillipines) – 1990s.
Features: Superpowers, a terrifying jingle and enthusiastic children

4. Nissin Cup Noodle: Mozzarella (Japan) – 2001
Features: Cheddar + Mozzarella cheese superhero, cheese finger guns, cheese race

3. Miso Noodles (Japan) – 1992
Featuring: James Brown singing a James Brown miso jingle

 2. Pot Noodles (UK) – 2006
Featuring: A historical look at Welsh miners mining for noodles

1. Boss Noodles (Hong Kong) – 2012
Featuring: The boss way to noodle


Pot Noodle Night
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