COVID19 Restrictions

We're taking bookings for brekky to dinner Wed—Sun with a limit of 20 inside and out per sitting. A minimum spend or a pre-authorisation is required, dependent on your booking. Please read the terms and conditions before you confirm. Hours and updates are subject to change. See you soon.

New: Bistro Disco Menu

Same shape, same size, still lush out the back in the beer garden, still pouring craft beer, natural vin and belting out good tunes. It's very Morse, just a little bit new and most definitely more exciting.

So, what's the go? A new era of slow-cooked food, ever comforting and perfected by an accompanying beverage. A hybrid between a diner & pub that leans into disco. Good, hey?


274 Johnston Street, Abbotsford, Victoria 3067


PH: (03) 9416 1005

E: functions@drmorse.com.au

Jr Morse

Come morning, Junior Morse oils the pulleys and opens its window for takeaway.

Sitting reliably beneath the Victoria Park railway station in Abbotsford, the robust corner provides remedies for ailments such as hunger and thirst, seven days a week.

The focus is on specialty coffee and making merry for those on their way. Junior serves coffee only in its truest form — black or white and without the frills. The method centres on the refined details, dosing and weighing to taste. To ensure the perfect cup, coffee is served between 7am and 3pm.

Junior’s menu is short and decisive, inspired by the ultimate takeaway experiences. Breakfast and lunch are made to order and menu items rotate fortnightly, seasonally and on the whim. So far, there has been the hangover-cure Vietnamese pork roll, the experimental jaffle turned great idea, slow cooked meats, salad heroes and freshly squeezed, Vic Market juices bottled to health.