It's not goodbye, just takeaway.

Cheesies cooked to order on Friday, and a shop with all the good bits to take home. We're dishing up take home meals, cocktails and more over the next six weeks. Stay tuned for details.


274 Johnston Street, Abbotsford, Victoria 3067


PH: (03) 9416 1005

E: functions@drmorse.com.au


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Win a $300 VIP MFWF dinner for two

A night of seafood, sour and swill.

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Introducing our summer-romance cocktail list

It’s your lucky-dip, or go-to when you just don’t know what to drink.

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Our new Head Chef and barbecue menu go full burn

It’s the idea that a beer garden can still be a boogie wonderland but we’re gonna eat good too.

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Beer Garden Cinema presents: Dem Basterds

For one ephemeral night, step inside a Beer Garden Cinema experience that merges film and the senses.

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5 boss noodle ads that will make you want to crush a bowl

We picked our top 5 noodle ads so you didn’t have to.

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Haus Specials in Autumn

What you can eat, drink and how to get it.

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