It's not goodbye, just takeaway.

Cheesies cooked to order on Friday, and a shop with all the good bits to take home. We're dishing up take home meals, cocktails and more over the next six weeks. Stay tuned for details.


274 Johnston Street, Abbotsford, Victoria 3067


PH: (03) 9416 1005

E: functions@drmorse.com.au


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Win a VIP $300 MFWF dinner for two

Enjoy a three-course Ssam to Palm feast with matched wine, cocktails and all the frills.

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Ssam to Palm (MFWF)

If you like grilled meat, pickled things, and food you can eat with your hands, then come rub elbows on a night wrapped in beguiling condiments, boldly seasoned meat and crisp, cool vegetable leaf.

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Fight the end to the weekend at Fists of Fury

Weekend blues be-gone.

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Save $$$ off your next dinner bill with Clipp

The sun is setting on the need for a leather twining heavy metal biker trucker wallet chain.

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Pong On is Ponging On every Tuesday evening

Because Tuesdays are the ping to our pong.

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Fair Enough: Our two final record fairs for 2017

Lick your fingers and clear the shelves.

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